A cross cultural analysis of the

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Cross-Cultural Analysis Methods and Applications Edited by Eldad Davidov University of Zurich, Switzerland Peter Schmidt University of Marburg, Germany. J.S. La Fontaine, in International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, The family is both a significant concept in Western culture and a technical term in cross-cultural analysis.

Certain components: marriage, relatedness, co-residence underlie all its many meanings. Cross-cultural analysis is costly in terms of time and money, and it usually demands at least a minimal level (and often much more) of education in the history, language, and culture of groups of people foreign to the researcher.

Nov 26,  · This book is intended for researchers, practitioners, and advanced students interested in cross-cultural research. Because the applications span a variety of disciplines, the book will appeal to researchers and students in: psychology, political science, sociology, education, marketing and economics, geography, criminology, psychometrics.


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A cross cultural analysis of the
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