An analysis of street violence in a brothers murder by brent staples

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Brent continues to write editorials regularly for the New York Times. I had the opportunity to browse through some of his recent articles at the library. Brent Staples grew up in the same type of atmosphere as his little brother Blake.

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As Staples explains in paragraph four of "A Brother's Murder," he chose a different lifestyle. He disagreed with the childish attitude of the death-ridden people on his street. He chose a path of going to college and leading a successful career.

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On the other hand, Brent Staples, a well-respected writer, seems to share this idea with me. In his works, he displays a great deal of motivation to solve particular problems faced by society.

In "A Brother's Murder," he uses a personal account of murder within the streets caused by social placement to illustrate the problem within the lower class.

Professor Cavallo A Brother’s Murder “ A Brothers Murder” by Brent Staples is a narrative essay about the violent death of his younger brother, Blake.

Growing up in a angry, poor, industrial city introduced the brothers to the violence and dangers of the streets.

An analysis of street violence in a brothers murder by brent staples
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