An analysis of texas judge ted poes public shaming sentences

For Shame! Public Shaming Sentences on the Rise

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Ted Poe’s Final Courtroom Drama

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An Analysis of Texas Judge Ted Poe's Public Shaming Sentences PAGES 2.

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- Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. Wow. Most helpful essay resource ever! Sep 18,  · As elected officials, state judges know that few things please the public as much as hoisting a wretch in public.

One Texas state judge, Ted Poe, was known as "The King of.

Judges Are Resorting to Shame in Sentencing Criminals

Rep. Ted Poe, a retiring Texas Republican, used to be a criminal court judge. His career in Congress shows it. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo). John F. McAuliffe, a retired Court of Appeals judge who chairs the Maryland Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy, knows of no recent shaming sentences in the state.

The notoriety of that shaming sentence helped make Judge Joe Brown a household name for those who watch reality court TV. The “King of Shame,” Harris County, Texas state judge Ted Poe, felt “people have too good a self-esteem.” To bring defendants who appeared in his court down a rung, he would order them to do such things as shovel manure.

On the other end of shame, Ronson visits with former Texas Judge Ted Poe, now a member of Congress, who is infamous for his shaming punishment of criminal defendants.

Ronson discovers, however, that some of these defendants actually appreciate the .

An analysis of texas judge ted poes public shaming sentences
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