Analysis of a horses by edwin muir

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“Horses” by Edwin Muir

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The Horses Themes

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Horses – Edwin Muir

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Horses by Edwin Muir: poem analysis

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‘Horses’ by Edwin Muir

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Sep 03,  · Best Answer: My interpretation of Edwin Muir's poem entitled "Horses" is one of a past memory and the conflict and anger brought about by this memory, a conflict between light and darkness, good and evil in the mind of a elderly dying man, fearing death as he gazes out across a field.

The memory being that Status: Resolved. Horses” Edwin Muir in First Poems, Notes Compiled and Edited by RI First Reading • The sight of horses now, in the present, leads the speaker to consider his feelings towards horses when he was a child: ‘Perhaps some childish hour has come again’.

The Horses - Poem by Edwin Muir

The poem, “The Horses”, by Edwin Muir tells a story about family who are trapped in the middle of an ongoing war of some sort. They try to communicate with radios they had all failed. Days go by and various things occur. Poetry – ‘The Horses’ by Edwin Muir The start of the poem describes a nuclear/chemical or biological war catastrophic enough to ‘put the world to sleep’.

In the beginning the survivors were ‘afraid’ of the ‘silence’ as they had lived for so long in a world full of noise and hustle and bustle.

Andeesh Syed Horses by Edwin Muir Recap - In the seven stanza poem with a standard AABB rhyming scheme, the poet now a grown man looks back on his childhood and wonders why the horses on his farm use to inspire the feelings of awe and fear in him as a boy when now the horses seem so ordinary.

Horses, by Edwin Muir is a flashback of the poets’ childhood memories. In his childhood, horses used to stimulate mixed emotions of fear and excitement both at the same time.

In his adulthood he wonders why something as simple as a horse used to stimulate the feelings of fear and excitement.

Analysis of a horses by edwin muir
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