Boxing tsunami case study

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What caused the massive 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

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Boxing Day Tsunami: A survivor's story

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10 Facts about Boxing Day Tsunami 2004

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the Boxing Day tsunami) was a devastating catastrophe that discusses Impact Forecasting’s approach to tsunami modeling, through case studies from Japan and Chile. Related appendices and references are included.

8 Indian Ocean Tsunami: 10 Years On Insurance penetration in the affected areas was generally. Case Study for Seismicity for the AQA A2 Geography Specification. Effects and Impacts of the Asian Tsunami by Ciaran Elliott on Prezi Create Explore Learn & support. Apr 13,  · Brief case study for plate tectonics unit 3 geography.

Background. 26th December ; Richter scale earthquake in the Indian Ocean; A result of the Indo-Australian plate being subducted beneath the Eurasian plate. Sumatra, Indonesia Tsunami Case Study - Boxing Day STUDY. PLAY. Cause. A massive earthquake on the Sundra trench, on the ocean floor.

Here 2 plates driven by convecting heat in the Earth's interior are grinding past one another. When the stresses that build up are released a massive earthquake occurs. Case Study of the Indian Ocean Tsunami On December 26,the Indian Ocean earthquake, or the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, caused a tsunami that killedpeople and was recorded as the deadliest tsunami in known history.

The earthquake was recorded as between and on the Richter scale, the second largest earthquake. A Case Study on Tsunami Damage in India Natural Disaster: A natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard that affects the environment, and leads to financial, environmental and/or human losses.

What were the human and environmental effects of the 2004 boxing day tsunami? Boxing tsunami case study
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