Character analysis of hazel motes in wise blood by flannery oconner

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Wise Blood Summary

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Wise Blood Characters

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In Wise Blood, Flannery O'Connor uses juxtaposition and specific character selection to explore the themes of American Romanticism that include redemption, isolation, and religion.

The main character in the story is a man named Hazel Motes, who has recently come back from the war, scarred with the images of brutality and death.

Wise Blood is a story of a young man, Hazel Motes, who takes desperate measures to demonstrate that Christ does not exist. Hazel Motes takes an extreme measure of forming an antireligious ministry to prove Christ’s non-existence.

Wise Blood is the first novel by American author Flannery O'Connor, published in The novel was assembled from disparate stories first published in Mademoiselle, Sewanee Review and Partisan Review. The characters in Wise Blood are representative of the confusion present in the modern world, as O'Connor understood it.

For example, Enoch Emery seeks a friend, Onnie Jay Holy deludes himself into selling religion, and Sabbath Lily talks about a dirt road while Hazel Motes tries.

Hazel Motes. Hazel Motes is the protagonist of Flannery O’Connor’s novel, Wise the beginning of the novel, Motes has just returned home from World War II and his experiences in the war have changed him: he has become extremely cynical and wastes no opportunity to challenge other people’s belief in Christ and his redemptive powers.

Wise Blood opens with Hazel Motes on a train to the city of Taulkinham. His bright blue suit and broad-brimmed hat make people mistake him for a “preacher,” but it soon becomes evident that.

Character analysis of hazel motes in wise blood by flannery oconner
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