Hispanics united of buffalo inc case

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NLRB Judge Issues First Ever Ruling in Social Media Line of Cases

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Hispanics United of Buffalo -- Protecting Pre-Concerted Activity

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Hispanics United Of Buffalo

Case management for developmentally disabled. Jun 30,  · On September 20,we reported on Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc., the first National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge decision examining an employee's discharge for.

On May 19,we reported that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) had filed a complaint against Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc., a non-profit social services agency. Unlike previous NLRB complaints regarding employers’ social media policies, all of which the NLRB had settled confidentially, the Hispanics United complaint proceeded to a three-day trial.

Jun 30,  · On September 20,we reported on Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc., the first National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge decision examining an employee's discharge for social media activity. Hispanics United is represented by Rafael Gomez and Michael H. Kooshoian of Lotempio & Brown PC.

Hispanic United Of Buffalo, Inc.

The case is Hispanics United of Buffalo Inc. and Carlos Ortiz, case number CA, in the National Labor Relations Board. Hispanics United of Buffalo, Inc. and Carlos Ortiz.

Hispanics United of Buffalo

though the employees’ mode of communicating their Case 03–CA– workplace concerns might be novel, we agree with the.

Hispanics united of buffalo inc case
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