Sociological analysis of ded na si lolo

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Ded Na Si Lolo (Grandpa Is Dead): Superstitions in Filipino Culture

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Ded Na Si Lolo (Grandpa Is Dead): Superstitions in Filipino Culture

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na for th e depart ents of S tate. Movie Analysis: ‘Ded na si Lolo’ The major characters in the movie are Bobet, Charing, Mameng, Junee, Dolores, and Syano. The major themes I recognized in the movie are the various Filipino superstitions involving death and funerals.

Analysis of the Film “Ded na si Lolo” in relation to the Sociocultural Theory The movie clearly manifests how everyday interactions with others depend heavily on the pre-existing, observed and shared cultural patterns and social structures.

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Sociological analysis of ded na si lolo
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