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Taking the World by Drawing: William Kentridge and Animation

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William Kentridge Drawing from Stereoscope () Not on view This drawing was executed along with the animated film Stereoscope, the eighth in Kentridge's decade-long series featuring Soho Eckstein, the archetypal white Johannesburg businessman of the post-apartheid era and an alter ego of the artist.

The first thing that stood out right away in Automatic Writing was the line quality. Charcoal seems very difficult to erase and clean up but Kentridge makes it work by layering lines of charcoal and erasing parts of it bit by bit to show motion.

Computer Software the label dons a special portrait of Christian Moueix by William Kentridge. Kentridge is a South African artist internationally known for his prints, drawings.

William Kentridge is a dignified and gracious man but with something comedic about him. There is a vaguely childlike, even clownish energy that sometimes stirs within his relaxed frame.

William kentridge automatic writing analysis software
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